Welcome to EWI San Antonio


EWI of San Antonio addresses the business professional's quest for personal achivement and drive for professional development.  It is unique among other associations in that the company, not the individual, holds the membership.

Membership in EWI offers many benefits to both the representative and the company.  Representatives who participate in EWI have access to a variety of events and programs, and their companies benefit through the professional connections and the recognition as business leaders in the community.  Our mission is to bring together key individuals from diverse businesses for the purpose of:

  • Promoting member firms
  • Enhancing personal and professional development
  • Encouraging community involvement

EWI of San Antonio was chartered in 1958.  For over 60 years, EWI of San Antonio has promoted connections, careers, and community.  Membership in EWI brings value to our firms, benefits our career, and service to our community.  It could be a perfect fit to your company!  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about our chapter.

Thank you,
Christina Casiano
President EWI San Antonio
[email protected]