Academy of Leadership

The Academy of Leadership (AOL) is composed of distinct courses or workshops which develop leadership skills to their full potential.  Each course fosters principle-focused leadership through the use of research, best practices, behavioral models and support.

The Academy of Leadership embraces a three-fold philosophy:

  • Leadership can and must be taught
  • Everyone possesses leadership potential
  • There are excellent examples of leadership within EWI

This philosophy is the foundation for the entire Academy of Leadership program, including all speakers, activities and information presented at each course.

The completion of any three Academy of Leadership courses by July 1st is a prerequisite to attend The Leadership Experience at LCAM and join the Academy of Leadership Alumni.  Alumni are eligible to attend special leadership events such as the biannual Leaders Summit and the Annual Alumni Experience.

Courses Include:

  • Academy of Leadership Online Course
  • Professional & Volunteer Leadership Course
  • Power of the Diverse Communicator Course
  • The Leadership Experience Course
  • Leading from the Front - Lead Star
  • Servant Leadership Course
  • Power of Relationships Course
  • Annual Alumni Experience

Contact the Corporate Office at 262-269-5625 with any questions, or go to the Corporate website.